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A few months ago at a church very, very close to home…

EXIT TIMEThe Outreach Wars


There was trouble in the Republic.

The Trade Federation was sowing discord and disunity. A Rebel Alliance formed to deal with it.

In February the Rebel Alliance made their move and the Trade Federation was deeply wounded and fell back. However, Alderan was blown up anyway and the Rebel Alliance was lost and scattered.

In mid-March as we said good-bye to Alderan, it then fell to the remaining Senate of the Republic to salvage what was left, although we thought that our role would be most likely one of disbanding the Republic in an orderly way, we still asked for unity and support.

However, the Trade Federation began reforming and showed signs of continued discord. At the beginning of April, they made their move.

Although, merely a demonstration of their lack of confidence in leadership, it proved there was little hope in the current Senate being followed.

In a last ditch effort the Old Guard of the Republic offered to step in and try to continue the Republic.

The Old Guard has asked us to stay to rebuild, but we have all felt the need to wander the galaxy for a while and see what is out there.

Some of the Rebel Alliance have found new homes. Several have settled on New Alderan, although it is far on the Outer Rim…